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Insulated Butt Connectors

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Insulated Butt Connectors


编 号
     Item NO.
导线面积 Clnle Sq尺寸 Dimension最大电流
     Insulation Color
A.W.Gmm²l (mm)D φ (mm)L (mm)
BV1.2522~160.5~1.515.01.726.019A红 Red
BV216~141.5~2.515.02.326.027A蓝 blue
BV5.512~104~615.03.426.048A黄 yellow
BV8#86~1021.04.532.062A红 Red
BV14#610~1626.05.842.088A蓝 blue
BV22#416~2529.07.750.0115A黄 yellow
BV 38#235~5032.09.455.0160A红 Red
PVT1.2522~160.5~红 Red
PVT216~141.5~蓝 blue
PVT5.512~104~68.53.420.548A黄 yellow
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