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The SMC cable trough is a cable trough product which is made by molding process, and can be used in the field of railway bridge, tunnel, rail transportation and other fields. SMC molded cable trough has been widely used and popularized because of its light weight, high strength, convenient installation, good insulation performance, flame retardant, high temperature resistance and long service life:

◆ With good electrical insulation and excellent acid resistance.
◆ High flame retardant performance, up to GB/T 5169.16-2008.
◆ Good thermal insulation performance, thermal conductivity of metal materials only 1/100, in the outdoor high temperature operation conditions, the electrical equipment has a good thermal protection.
◆ Good mechanical strength, tensile strength, bending strength, impact resistance and other indicators of superior performance, good sealing performance.
◆ Design beautiful appearance, strong weatherability. Inside and outside surface is smooth, smooth, color material color, without spraying, do not fade, on aging. Life can be more than 50 years.
◆ The composite SMC cable trough to have ventilation cooling hole, its strength, appearance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, ventilation and heat dissipation performance are good.



Material Performance Index

Index reference 《TJ/DW163-2014》 implementation
In order to improve the quality of the cable channel, to ensure the safety of railway transportation, China railway company established and began to implement 《composite in September 1, 2014 (SMC) Interim technical conditions of cable trough》(standard technical document number: TJ/DW163-2014)